Generation M - Outreach, and Group Study through The Bible Experience

Washington, DC, November 10, 2006 --(PR.COM)-- Generation M is an outreach movement motivated in bridging the intergenerational and inspirational gap that exists between all age groups.

Generation M is the generation of people who will influence the New Millennium and impact the world based on their ability to: (1) market their gifts, talents, and skills (2) manage and navigate the media effectively via new ideas and products and (3) minister - serve - the mass population of people in need.

Through seminars and counseling, Generation M biblically and strategically shares and designs outreach strategies for churches and organizations to minister to and move the people outside of “your walls” to our Master (Jesus Christ).

Through dynamic yet simplistic theological and street teachings, Generation M bridges intergenerational gaps and examines inspirational gaps to find the commonalities and develop work study programs designed at bringing the community and congregation together. No matter the age, the charge of Generation M is to bridge the gap by teaching His people to stand in the gap. Thus, Generation M, LLC, would like to introduce your church or organization to various outreach, evangelism, and study strategies designed to impact your community and congregation, collectively.

In fact, one primary tool, The Bible Experience, is one of the more dramatic versions of the Bible on CD. Produced by Inspired by…Media Group, over 80 celebrity guests and nationally recognized Pastors introduce us to a more relevant version of the bible in audio format, together let's use this tool to move the masses closer to the Master.

Fundraising through The Bible Experience

Generation M endorses and makes available The Bible Experience for churches and organizations who seek to do Outreach, Evangelism, and Group Study. Let’s be clear - The Bible Experience will be cheaper at different venues than what you will offer. However; the value in the product comes not in the product itself, but in that which you do with the product.

Collectively, their vision and objective is to Kingdom build through the Bible Experience by connecting the congregation with the community. They believe that The Bible Experience presents an excellent opportunity for your congregants to sow a seed into your church via fundraising and in turn allowing your church to sow a seed through outreach and evangelism to the community. Best and most importantly of all, Generation M believes that The Bible Experience is the tool to bring congregant, church, community, and cities together on one accord through corporate study, devotion, and prayer.

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